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Monday, September 13, 2010

Checking in at Google Reader

I decided to visit Google Reader today and see what i might have missed since the last time I checked in. Obviously, I should stop in more often.

I learned Jimmy Dean died in June at age 81. I remember before he became synonomous with sausage he sang ... "Big Bad John" (1961).

Gardner Denver, which once had a foundry in LaGrange, Mo., is moving its corporate headquarters from Quincy, Ill., to the Philadelphia area according to a Sept. 8 story in the Hannibal Courier-Post. Support services would remain in Quincy, but relocation to a major metropolitan area "was necessary to the long-term growth of the company," said President and Chief Executive Officer Barry L. Pennypacker.

The foundry in LaGrange had been idle and in terrible disrepair for the past several years. I used to live in the town of 1200 and remember it being a mainstay for most of the towns' men. When it closed, employees were left high and dry. Gardner Denver sold the foundry in 1995. This past August (I read about in the Canton Press-News Journal) it was sold to a firm in Dubuque, Iowa. Read that story here.

Of course, the Canton Press-News Journal has also been sold. But I knew that. I am a regular subscriber to the weekly newspaper, so even though I'm often receiving it from one week to three weeks late, I do get the news. The Steinbecks are still connected to it, but are no longer in charge of the purse strings. If you want a look online, click PNJ.

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