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Monday, December 29, 2008

Do not worry ... remember

Dear Lord,
I have some anxiety going on ... again. Dismay that now we've made a reservation for that extra day Jim isn't staying in seminary commuter housing, we can not cancel it if necessary. And wondering if the funds in his account can be used to cover the four days of lodging at the seminary.

And then I remember Matthew 6: 34, which says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

Personalizing that verse, I write: "Therefore, Cathy, do not worry about Jim's cyst, do not worry about Jim going to Kansas City and his time there, about his lodging needs and payment thereof, about re-arranged obit schedules at your work place. You have made preparation, you have planned, you have prayed, you are proceeding. Do not worry about tomorrow Cathy. I am in charge. I know what concerns you, where your anxiety lies, the fears you have. But don't go there. Think only on today. Think about what is true. Truth, right. Remember. Think only on Me. Trust that I will provide for you, for Jim, today. I will take care of your needs Cathy today. Do not worry about tomorrow. Today alone is important."

Hmm. The 5 P's -- Prepare / Plan / Pray / Proceed / and Trust God to Provide.

"...whatever things are true ... meditate on these things." - Philippians 4:8

What is true ... truth?
Here is a short list of Bible truths posted in May of this year:
  • When confrontation is necessary to resolve conflict, Christians are to confront in love in order to restore relationships.
  • Christians are to take the necessary actions to be reconciled to others in a conflict situation.
  • Disobeying God has immediate and longterm consequences, including boggind down in one's journey of faith.
  • Jesus desires to forgive our past sins and directs us to live pure lives in the future.
  • When Jesus transforms a person's life, no arguments can convince that person that his or her experience is not valid.
  • Like a good shepherd, Jesus knows, sustains, and protects His sheep. He even sacrificed Himself for them.
  • Even when situations seem hopeless and are irreversible, Jesus is able to help people through tragedies and restore hope to their lives.
  • Jesus, the Messiah-King, died on the cross for our sins.
  • Because Jesus rose from the dead, His followers are to tell others Jesus lives for them and that He ascended to God the Father for them.
  • Jesus wants His followers to serve others humbly as He did.
  • Those who love Jesus do what He tells them to do and produce fruit that lasts.
  • Christians should anticipate the world's hating them, continue to testify of Jesus during times of persecution, and remain steadfast and faithful.
  • Conflict situations provide opportunities to please and honor God.
  • In a conflict situation, believers are to accept responsibility for their attitudes and actions that contribute to the conflict.
  • God wants His people to obey Him and blesses those who diligently do so.
  • The Lord is God, and His people are to remember He is God in their difficult times as well as in their good times.
  • When believers come before God in worship, they should seize the opportunity to renew their devotion to Him.
  • Believers demonstrate unity by supporting one another.
  • God calls each of us to use the gifts and skills He gives us to serve the body of Christ.
  • Because God's offer of salvation is for all people we are to share the gospel with all people and invite them to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Do we
    never remember
    always seeking,
    A little bit
    of memory
    hangs on
    What would we do
    we didn't have the Bible
    Our mind
    of us
    The Key
    My key.

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