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Monday, April 27, 2009

Satan's ploys are no match for the Savor's power

Satan's ploys are no match for the Savior's power.

"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself." (Philippians 2: 3)

That is to say build up one another, but in so doing, don't get caught up into thinking you are worthless. For we are not. We are not to tear ourselves down. In the eyes of God, each and every human being has value. He cares for you and me.

"Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion." (Romans 12: 16)

Do not follow the path that takes you away from God and toward Satan. ... the path that distracts you from what you know is true and right and ultimately leads to destruction. ... the path of thinking and acting upon your own advice and has no regard for the things of God.

"Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus, that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Romans15: 5-6)

God is so patient with us, continually working to show us the way. We are not so patient ... not with others, not with ourselves, not with God. We want what we want now.

"... having compassion (be sympathetic) for one another; ... be tenderhearted, be courteous; not returning evil for evil ... but on the contrary, blessing, ..." (1 Peter 3: 8)

Where is our compassion for others? When are we tender, courteous? Is it only for select individuals? God is not so choosy. All have value in His eyes. We are to be a blessing to all, to give what the Lord gives. Judgment is not for us to give ... we must leave that to a higher power, God will judge.

"He who would love life and see good days,
Let him refrain his tongue from evil,
And his lips from speaking guile
Let him turn away from evil and do good;
Let him seek peace and pursue it.
For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
And his ears are open to their prayers;
But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil."
(1 Peter 3: 10-12)

Satan strives to take the joy out of living for the Lord. His whole goal is to destroy.

"Likewise you husbands, dwell with them with understanding, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, ... that your prayers may not be hindered." (1 Peter 3: 7)

"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church ... So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church. ... Nevertheless, let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wive see that she respects her husband." (Ephesians 5: 25, 28-29, 33)

Praise defeats the devil quicker than any other battle plan, but it must be genuine heart praise, not just lip service.

Must have a personal relationship with Jesus for the spiritual weapons of praise and prayer to work.

"For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, ... but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit." (Romans 8: 5)

Joyce Meyer, author of "Battlefield of the Mind," says if we think fleshly or worldly thoughts, wrong thoughts, negative thoughts, we cannot walk in the Spirit. Our life will not get straightened out until our mind does.

We must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to even begin to be able to overcome our negative views.

"Either make the tree good and its fruit good or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit."

The tree is you and me. The fruit is what we are known for, our works, bad or good, works of the flesh, or of the Spirit.
We have to choose to think good thoughts, pleasing thoughts. We have to keep going, not give up.

Acceptance, believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again is the first step in your personal walk with Him.

"The renewing of your mind will take place little by little, so don't be discouraged if progress seems slow," Meyer noted.

When you have setbacks, or bad days, don't allow yourself to withdraw into negative thinking. Must stay on course. Think positive. God loves you. Don't allow others to discourage you. Think "I am above this. I will not allow your negative thoughts and comments to become mine. I will not be drawn down to your level." Positive breeds positive. Good, positive thoughts bring promise, faith and hope for a better tomorrow. Bad, negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt. When we have a negative outlook, our thoughts are negative, our words coming out of our mouths are negative, our life is negative. We must turn around and begin to think positive about our life.

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23: 7)

When we don't get what we want, we go into pity-mode and negative attitude. We need to get away from that, need to stop complaining, stop murmuring, stop finding fault with everything and everyone, including yourself.

If you truly desire to change from being negative-minded, believe God will change you as you trust Him. Must trust, must listen to the Lord, study His word, immerse yourself in His word, meditate on what you know is true and right. Not what you think or believe about yourself, but what God knows about you. He loves you. He has a purpose for you.

He who abandons himself to God will never be abandoned by God.

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6