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Monday, April 20, 2009

God is the final victor

The fight for moral integrity will continue regardless of what people say they want and go to great lengths to get, regardless of what any state supreme court rules. The fight for God and His laws will continue to be fought by His people, and although right now it seems the winning is in the hands of Satan's children, God is the final victor.

On April 16, the Tama News Herald/Toledo Chronicle published the editorial, "Iowa's Title Fight - The Bible vs. Iowa Code by State Rep. Lance Horbach (R-Tama).

Read the article below or click on the above link.

Today we tried to call up the Marriage Amendment (defining marriage as one man and one woman) and it was a show down between God's law and Iowa's Law.

Iowa's law won!

44 YES Votes - 42 Republicans, 2 Democrats

54 NO Votes - 0 Republicans, 54 Democrats

2 Absent - 2 Republicans (one in Iraq one attending family funeral)

Odds makers expected itafter all, it was ONE bible verses 6 volumes of the Iowa Code, 7 Supreme Court Justices, 54 Democrat Representatives, and every rule book the opposition could muster.

Did you ever wonder why there are 6 volumes of the Iowa Code, yet God's Law remains encompassed in only one time-tested book the Bible? That's because God doesn't accept amendments when his laws are broken! He has no interest in changing his laws in order to adapt to new lifestyles.

I could go on for hours sharing my frustration with the Supreme Court decision and the broken promises of Gov. Culver, but the real news for today is the vote count in the Iowa House.

Yes, God's Law lost this round and there will be more fights in the future, with the winners yet to be determined. Don't be discouraged, we've got a "ringer" on our side. When we get to the "final round" there will be no Supreme Court Justices, no volumes of the Iowa Code, no political favors; there will be only one judge, holding his rule book, the Bible.

Lance Horbach is a state representative for District 40, Tama and Grundy counties. This is his sixth term in the Iowa House and he is a ranking member on the Labor and Industrial Relations Committee.

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