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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"O Jesus, I Have Promised"

This past Sunday, Aug. 1, my husband and I returned from a week-long Bible Conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It is a shame more Iowans do not know about it and utilize all that is offered to children, youth and adults. This is its 89th session and is operated entirely on faith - you donate whatever the Lord instills in you to give.

This year, for the first time, we scheduled our vacation during this week and stayed in a cabin on the Riverview Conference Grounds. We attended morning and evening sessions, renewing friendships from previous years and making new friends too. We hope to return next year for the 90th session.

I sing in the conference choir and there is lots of additional singing as well by the congregation and artists from all over the country. One particular congregational hymn was "O Jesus, I Have Promised," a Finnish folk melody written by John E. Bode (1816-1847) (Bode1) (Bode2), with music by Arthur H. Mann (1850-1929) (Mann1) (Mann2). It is a beautiful old hymn and I decided to share it with you here.
I found several versions on and have included two of them here. Take your pick.

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