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Friday, June 5, 2009

When we

When we step away from our obedience to God and determine in our hearts that we have more important things to do, that there are activities, events that won't get done if we are bogged down in Bible study and prayer, we have very definitely missed the mark. We will discover there is absolutely less we will accomplish. Our lives will be topsy-turvy.

You may have much to do, to accomplish, but without God guiding you, teaching you, providing insight for you, what do you, have you gained?

I remember years ago thinking I wish we could live like the Bible teaches, but I didn't know how. When our church participated in the Purpose-Driven Life I embarked on a journey I never wanted to be sidetracked from. And a recent Sunday School book study, "Loving God With All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George reaffirms it.

Reading and studying the Bible daily, being in tune to what God may be saying to me throughout the day has become of utmost importance. It begins my day. I am better for it when He is there with me early in the day rather than later or not at all.

I am not an early morning person, but if getting up earlier to spend time with the one who enables me to be a better individual to myself and to others, then so be it.

You just don't want to procrastinate. Don't put off for another day. Make a list, check it more than once. Seek His will, consider, remember He knows all, He is. We are His creation. If it were not so, we would not be.

Our relationship to God on earth will determine our relationship to Him in eternity.

When we are absent from our home church and unable to fulfill our tithe, when we return how much do we give? What do we do if 10 percent of our income no longer exists? If we give less does it mean God considers us irreverent? Is it reasonable to feel guilty? Has Satan brought this fear upon me? How should I respond?

Fear means my trust, my faith in God is wavering, that I trust myself or another more than I trust Him. No! I can only do what the Lord commands. I must give. But what amount? The percentage was determined long ago, as was the obedience. Still, our money has dwindled. Will God show me something new? Does our tithe always go to our home church? The tithe is the top best you have. Not always in money. I remember reading that somewhere. How you live, helping another, sharing from your abundance with another.

"When God's at the center of your life, you worship. When He's not, you worry."

Help me Lord to not be consumed with worry, but only in worshiping you.

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6