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Monday, June 15, 2009

A cemetery walk

This past week I attended a Christian Writers Workshop in Cedar Falls. It was very much a learning experience and a time of meditation and reflection as well. One day a writing assignment took us to a nearby cemetery. Here are my reflections.

I walk.
The path uneven
Pine cones
here and there
under trees bowed inward
like a protective covering
of what lies
deep . . .
of souls gone on
of bodies
beneath solid stone.

I wonder.
Why does he live so far away?

Passing through.
A distant buzzing ...
Perhaps a clap of thunder

Lives lived
long or short
Minute details are not spared

He is near
She is near
As close as our heart beats

and memories
from a time
filled with richness
and eager anticipation
of sharing life
lovingly with another.

Day in
Day out
I think he is far away
She is too far to reach

But no.
The memories bring them back.

Always present
Always here
Always the sun shines brightly
when I remember.

I don't live here.
I come here to visit.
You too are not here.

A noble pebble on the path
a resting place.
When Jesus returns,
we'll go out together.

"Though time forgets, love still remembers."

Cathy Orrick Luders

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