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Monday, May 11, 2009

April travels

On April 12, right after Easter services, Jim and I traveled south -- to Jefferson City, Mo., where we spent the next two days. Monday, April 13, was my birthday, so Jim planned several wonderful little surprises for me -- we stayed at Huber's Ferry Bed and Breakfast, about 16 miles from the city, much closer to Westphalia and a lot of other tiny burgs. He asked the owner if a cake could be baked to mark the occasion, and she agreed, preparing a beautiful and delicious heart-shaped chocolate mini cake (the picture I have hardly does it justice). He also made arrangements for me to have a 90-minute massage in Jefferson City. I really appreciated that and could have stayed all day if possible. I even had presents to open!

Here are some pictures of the bed and breakfast, the surrounding views, the 3-story barn built in 1881, and more. The weather was mostly cold and wet, but the time together was extra special.

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