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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A weekend get-a-way to Clear Lake

Mondays and Tuesdays are weekends for my husband and I and these last few days of August were spent a few hours north at Clear Lake, Iowa. We arrived at our cottage shortly before sunset Sunday evening so hurried down to the lake (less than a block away) to watch the glorious setting and take some digital photos. The second photo looks like an automobile taking off for the great unknown.

Our cottage, named "Jo-Jo," is the smallest of eight owned by Clear Lake Cottages on South Shore Avenue. Shown here are front and back views of our cottage.

Looking out the back door, past the garbage cans, you can see the lake.

Here are inside views of our cottage ...

And among our many excursions out and about ....

.... here is a seagull about ready to take flight.

.... Jim "Papa Daddy" and our bunny son, BeeJay, at City Beach.

... on a clear day you can see forever ... and reflections ... and shadows

... Here is the Lady of the Lake ... we took an hour-and-a-half cruise with Captain Roger at the helm. We learned a lot of interesting things about Clear Lake and its surroundings.

A memorial commemorating the Buddy Holly crash site was recently dedicated in rural Clear Lake. It was a good thing we had directions; otherwise, we would never have found it. The directions said it was a half-mile walk, but to us it seemed much further. In 2009 it had been 50 years since that fateful night in February.

... Clear Lake State Park

... Mighty oak tree outside our cottage. The noise of little acorns falling was a little annoying at times.

... The Guardian Angel Chapel is another place hard to find

... Beeds Lake near Hampton. We were last here about 15 years ago.

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