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Monday, August 15, 2011

To be there for another

To get out of the doom and gloom
not just one day
Yesterday came
All day
Today is here
All different

Reach out to another
Why haven’t you written
I’d like to hear from you
I hear

But me too

Wherever You desire us to go
I  will go
Send me
Sometimes where you are
is stagnant
Need to move on
get going

Not  just physically
Must get past the hurts
Hurts come at every turn
and angle …
from siblings, parents,
personal sphere of friends,
even our church family …
who would think?!

The image of Christ
bears no resemblance in us
it seems.

Although we try,
our image of Him
is perceived
far differently
than the image
portrayed in His word.

Sometimes we are just like
the Jewish Pharisees,
seeing ourselves above another

Who is better
None of us can truthfully lay claim
to such reasoning

Jesus is who we follow

If we aren’t following Him,
we cannot be one with Him.
We must therefore
be one with ourselves,
which only leads to
selfishness and

We have a new life.
We buried our old life
with Christ
and is reborn
in His image -
not His physical image.
The image of
Who He Is.
We are to be like Him.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer says,
“We must learn to look less
at what people do or don’t do
and more at what they suffer.”

To be there for another
You be there for me
I  for another.
Jesus shows us
the way -
fellowship of love.

To be there for another
to show mercy ….
with cheerfulness.

To be there,
however it may be
God must give us the will
to do so,
to be so.

To get past the pain
past the “what if”
past the “how”
even past the moodiness
Just go
and do.

We cannot say
it doesn’t depend on me
to reach out to another
It is up to the church
But the church
is made up of many me’s
and many you’s.

The church –
 the Body of Christ
and Jesus is its head,
not the pope,
not anyone other than Jesus.
There are not multiple foundations.
The church’s one foundation …
Jesus Christ.

There are not multiple platforms
in which we can follow and arrive
at the same place.
There is only one – JESUS!

No Allah

No Buddha

No Rabbi

No Pope

Only one Truth --
Jesus is the Son of God

Only one Savior --
Jesus is the way to salvation.

Jesus is available to all.
Believe in Him, accept Him
as your personal savior,
and eternity will be spent with Him
in the glories of heaven.

Only one basic problem with Humanity – SIN

All of us are sinners.

Some of us have been

Sin – what we feel
in our heart
is demonstrated
in our life.

Only one solution for Sin –

He died for us.
He went to the cross,
burdened with the sins
past, present, future.

He became the sacrifice
fulfilling Old Testament
laws and requirements
of animal sacrifices
human sin.

A new life,
a new covenant,
buried in death
with Christ
Born again, alive,

Be there with Him
for others
Our lives are not about us
But about our Lord
His will
Not ours
His steps for me
Not my steps for me

He took it all
my pain, my burdens
ALL upon himself
He took my SIN away

Who am I
to forget all that He has done
continues to do
and think only of me ….
poor me.

I need to be there
for you and you
through Christ
For with Christ
blessings will be.


“for in Him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28a) 

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6