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Monday, June 2, 2014

Love is supreme

The Lord’s Presence is everywhere
Some are not aware of Him walking about to and fro
Of His eyes seeking, watching here and there and everywhere
Shame hits them and they hide, but the Lord sees them
Why do we hide? Who do we hide from? Why are we ashamed?

What is joy?
What is peace?
What do you seek
What have you found
Are you content
What are you missing
What do you want
When will satisfaction  or contentment be yours?
How far on your path will you travel
before you discover a route far better,
not of your own making, but of God?
When will you see the blessings that surround you
When will you waken in the morning and ask, “What do you have today for me Lord?”
When will you allow the Lord to guide your every step,
to give you strength in the midst of a storm,
to provide a place of quiet rest in the midst of chaos and upheaval?
When will you see that what you are is far more important than what feel you need ?

You think your house is messy, too cluttered –  but would you be satisfied if all was clean and in its place?

Is your life still messy? …  does only more frustration and discouragement
come at you and you are disenchanted and you think there must be more than this …  somewhere.
But another place will not be better, except perhaps for a brief moment, but not in the long run,  as the same pocket of woe will come upon you and you will be lost.
Come to the Father – the Holy One. Believe Jesus is the Son of God who came to die for you, who set you free from your sins, We are all sinners.
Believe and accept and begin a new journey with Him at the helm of the driver’s seat.
Remove yourself from behind the wheel and let God show you where and when and how and why.
Such a small step – hear, listen, take that step of faith and begin a new life of brighter tomorrows and todays .
Get out of the doldrums.
Don’t let the mess in the various rooms of your house  become more important than you, more important than your marriage, more important than your children, more important than a relationship with Jesus.  Don’t determine if things were just so, you would be happy.  
Perfection will not bring happiness. More of something will not make for better.
Only Jesus can provide. Only He can give you all that you need.  Come to Him. See the need for Him.

Oh Dear Lord,  show them.
When you hear, listen. When He says do, do.
I pray Lord, show them the way and bring your drifting children back to you, closer to you, in continual communication with you.

See the need.
God loves you so much.
Let His love, the love that brought you together, be your guide for building and rebuilding your life.

Remember what Love is
Ongoing, forging ahead, pursuing
Building up of another
Thinking good thoughts
Seeking the best in another
Merciful,  gentle
Embraces each new day
Intently listens with our ears, our eyes, our heart
Helps to carry another’s burdens
Rejoices in the truth

And remember too, what Love is NOT
It is not envious
It is not provoked
It is not rude
It does not hold grudges
It does not devalue and destroy ourselves or another
It is not spiteful
It is not harmful
It does not desire what belongs to another
It does not lie to ourselves or to another
It does not respond negatively
It is not deceitful
It does not argue and dispute endlessly
It  does not murmur against another
It does not continually complain
It does not hinder the personal growth of another
It does not show resentment
It does not judge another
It is not abstract

God became human to show us the way. He is our best example.
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Anxiety is our only reward when we go from problem to problem and leave God out of the picture.  Our stomachs are tied in knots as we struggle to fix. If only we would remember God is present. He is always present, but we must remember He is able and available. Until we remember and call out to Him, He will not intervene.

When we turn to the Lord, the load is lighter. The problems still exist, the circumstances surrounding are still there, but when we ask the Lord for help, for guidance, the burden is easier to manage.
He is in our midst
But many do not see Him, acknowledge Him, remember Him
We go about with our personal to-do list
and when problems arise
we look for ways to counter-attack

Often anxiety gets the best of us
and instead of remaining calm and rational,
we are frustrated and irritated
Angry at another and every event that drives us down a path of ill content.

If only our reach extended to The Almighty
who stands silent and waiting

Waiting for us to come
to stay
and to return ….
again  and again
for more of His supreme Love. 

(c) Cathy Orrick Luders, May 24-25, 2014

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6