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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just Jesus

This year's devotional book is all about trust. The book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was given to my husband from Iowa Hospice but was really more in tune to women, so he gave it to me. 

The devotional is based on what Young perceives God has spoken to her in her quiet time with Him. I understand that because there are times when God speaks to me and I write it down in the I format. 

Recent readings have dealt with affirmation. We are to stop judging and evaluating ourselves. We are to affirm ourselves based on God's unconditional love for us, not on what we think or someone else thinks of us. God's discipline is from that love, not hate. Hate is a tactic Satan uses and uses well. 

Listen more to God, less to your doubts, less to your fears, less to your worries, less to your pain, less to the circumstances around you. 

When we fail to listen, to talk to God, to seek Him, to study and meditate on His word, and instead listen and talk to ourselves,  we forget God is with us ... He goes before us, behind us, alongside us. But we think we are all alone. We act as if we are. We take action based on our thinking, instead of praying to God for answers He will give us. 

We are to Follow Him. Not any other. Just Jesus. 

Who else can bring peace to your guilt-ridden life?

Who else will listen to every turmoil within and not turn away, who will respond lovingly? 

Who else can make things right? 

Can you? Have you? I can't, I haven't. 

Only in and through Jesus Christ do I have hope. 

Follow Him.

Just Jesus

God's word enlightens us, illuminates the path of work, play, health, children, wherever we are, so we can see clearly and not stumble into unknowns. (see Psalm 119:105)

If we have nothing (everything according to world standards is money, possessions, insurance, etc.), but have God's peace we are rich. 

Peace is a good thing to have. No matter what comes along, we are okay, because God is with us, because we trust in Him, because He is our all. 

If we don't trust,
we don't have peace
we have turmoil

If we don't repent,
we don't have peace
we have doubt, disbelief, distress

If we don't have Jesus
we don't have peace
we have Satan
we have destruction
we have death
we have nothing. 

Follow Him. 

Just Jesus 

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6