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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Mindful of Him" by Hollis Hughes

Chance events—the source of all that was or ever would be in the universe—has been a reasonably comfortable view for Rob McLain during the past two years in college. As he watches his parents’ caskets being slowly lowered into the grave, he wonders about his decision to discard God in favor of enlightenment. Without a belief in God, whom can he blame?

Besides his questions and his rage, Beth, his wife of nine months, is all Rob has left. Warm, loving, optimistic—Beth is the only source of light in Rob’s life now. With her, he might be able to make it through the next few months; without her, he is completely hopeless.

Following a shocking turn of events, Rob is stripped of everything he holds dear: marriage, friendship, and his future career. Embittered and empty, Rob relinquishes the last of himself and embarks on a wilderness journey to follow the Canoba River to its beginnings. At the end of his quest, Rob discovers the source of the river and someone he never expected—the Source of all truth.

Mindful of Him is a tale of heartbreak and triumph set in the 1950s, although it could easily be transformed to present day. Rob, in his 20s, is on a quest for answers to life’s deepest questions. But it is not only the young who search for meaning and answers.

This is a book for those who love the great outdoors and fishing, and even if you’re not all that fond of fishing (which I’m not), author Hollis Hughes takes you on a journey you will not soon forget and may find yourself currently traveling or having the desire to do so. He packs tall tales, common sense and a quest for truth into 265 pages that you won’t want to put down. He weaves words together that make you think and rethink … “Working all the time, like most do, ain’t living. We take time to live.”

Author Biography
On a cold February day in 1928, Hollis Hughes was born in a ramshackle house with no insulation, plumbing, or electricity. Growing up on a farm during the Great Depression, Hollis spent his youth chopping wood, tending the family farm, milking cows, and tending to livestock. Following college graduation, Hollis worked as a high school teacher and counselor for 38 years and operated a successful rhododendron nursery. When Hollis’ wife developed Alzheimer’s disease in 1988, he spent the next 12 years taking care of her. Today, Hollis is retired from education. He is a fly fisherman, hiker, and gardener. He is a member of the American Camellia Society, and a lifetime member of the Birmingham Botanical Society. Hollis and his wife, Lera, make their home in Alabama.

The book is available in paperback or ebook.

Check out Hollis Hughes’ website at To order your own copy of the book, visit

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