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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Ode to BeeJay

July 10, 2012

Mr. Tumbleweed
one of many
for our boy
Twinkle toes
and Hot rod Harry
even Mr. Fluffball
and Bumblebee
a moment’s recognition

He's our Sweetie
that's for sure
But it's
Beeber or Mr. Bee
he's more often called

BeeJay and his Papa Daddy
at Clear Lake in 2011

His real name
The name given
at his adoption
in to our lives
into our hearts
BeeJay Bunny Boy

BeeJay and his Mommy
at Clear Lake

Why you say 

His mommy’s name
was Jewel
His daddy’s name
was Brandon
Hence … BJ
spelled out, of course

He’s Mr. Tumbleweed
he rests comfortably
amid coils of hay
strewn about
in his headquarters
his place of refuge …
The Hutch

Every morning
rain or shine
his Papa Daddy
his adopted daddy
comes in
picks him up
kisses him on his little forehead
and carries him
to the play area …
The Kitchen
where up to an hour
he scampers and hops
and when mommy comes in
they play hide and seek
or catch me if you can

BeeJay sitting on Papa Daddy's
sling after rotator cuff surgery
in 2009
Sometimes though
his mood is quiet
and withdrawn
perhaps the achiness of
bone and joint
bring more havoc

perhaps the extremes
of temperature rising -
100 degrees in the sun –
refuse relief
even in air-conditioned comfort

or  the season(s) of
bring untold discomfort
to his digestive tract

BeeJay at Christmas 2008
Sometimes too
he’s just plain
like you and me

He likes to be held
soft gentle strokes
by his mommy and
sitting on her shoulder
to get a bigger view
of the world

He wonders
who that is
in the mirror
when he stares
It looks just like me
Is that me, Papa Daddy?

He sits on Papa Daddy’s lap
much safer there
a chance encounter up higher
brought him down
to the ground
so fast, too fast
Lap-sitting is the way to go

Family time
Saturday night time
sometimes too
Friday night time
or Monday night time
any time will do just fine
as long as we’re all together
to watch a movie
and listen to animal sounds
and music to soothe

BeeJay and "Our Children"
Mr. Bee
enjoys Papa Daddy and Bunny Son time
They share a couch in the basement
Did I say share?
Of course its shared
Papa Daddy gets one-half
and BeeJay gets one-half
plus one-half of PD’s too
And nothing but nothing
that he doesn’t want
should be on “his” side
No remote, no glasses
He’s adamant about what
is allowed, and what is not

Mr. Bee
likes treats
He likes yogurt treats the best
the ones you buy at the pet store
3 treats a day he can have
but more often than not
its 3 plus 3!

He likes Ritz crackers
salted nut rolls
grapes too
He likes the sweet
He likes the salty
He likes his water
as does his mommy

His begging skills
he’s got down to a science
up he stretches
on those hind legs
giving a sweet look
that seems to say,
“Please, pretty please”

How can you resist?

Mr. Bee
one cold November day
shortly before Thanksgiving
nearly 12 years ago now
He came
to live with us.
His brother, whom he never met,
Thumpie was his name,
had passed on,
passed over the rainbow.

   See the heart-shaped spot ...        
he no longer has it
Mr. Bee
5 months old
a tiny ball of furry brown
Siamese Sable
was what it was called
with a heart-shaped
spot on his left side
From Center Point
to Cedar Rapids
Iowa born
Iowa bred
Iowa all the way

Six years
he spent
in basement quarters
but then one day
he saw the light
 up the stairs he went
and a new world of
activity opened up

Always in our thoughts
Sung to or sung about
He wanted a phone
In case someone called
He has one
a bit big and he can’t get to it
But he has one
But then he wanted a computer
We had one each
Why couldn’t he?!

He’s rather photogenic
He has his picture on a stamp

And he’s rather particular
especially when it comes to
choosing friends
or not

Kwallie Marsupie Bear
is at the top of his

But he loves
Miss Jelly Bean
and his Aunt Jani
and of course
his Mommy and Papa Daddy

He celebrates his birthday
on June 14
Mr. Bee
is an All-American boy
He was born in June
We recognize and celebrate
his day
on Flag Day,
June 14.
This year, 2012,
he turned
12 years old.

In years past,
when we all were younger
he vacationed
with his Aunt Jani
while his parents
took trips by
plane or train or car

He doesn’t much care
for  travel
isn’t always sure
just where he might end up
He doesn’t like the vet
it’s  just to get his nails trimmed!
just like his Papa Daddy
who goes for much the same thing

But travel is what he does
When he turned 10
we decided to take him with,
so off he goes
when we go.
He travels to Northeast Missouri
to see our friends there
Once he met some “giant” bunnies
who were renting space there
He travels to Cedar Falls
a town his Papa Daddy spent boyhood years
to stay a week at Bible Conference
Yep, he’s a Bible-thumping bear!
Oh yes, sometimes,
he’s called a bunny bear
or a bunny puppy

Just let it be known
He’s our No. 1 bunny
all the way.

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