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Monday, March 5, 2012

God is faithful ...

A Calling

each given
each received
to you and you
and me too

You accepted and received His greatest gift
The gift of His Son
The gift of eternal security
The gift of a new life

But what of other gifts?
What of that special calling He placed on your heart?
You heard the call
You responded to the call
And you followed a path you thought
was God's direction for fulfilling the call

But your new life got muddied a bit
So muddied it became unrecognizable
and the direction thought so clear
was now quite cloudy and overcast.

Trudging on,
we seek advice from another
perhaps individuals ill-equipped for such a task.

Our answers
may not be God's answers,
our discouragement
has brought us to a
pit of deep despair,
so much so that
even our fellow Christian brothers and sisters
stand against us.

But God is faithful
We gave our hearts to Jesus.

God does not change.
God is able to do all things.

Why do we question God?
Why do we think His answers
are the ones we hear from another,
one we thought was on the same path
of striving for Godliness as we were?

God is not lower. We are.
God is above all.
He is the enabler -
not any one person, not a group -
only God can say NO! to us.

We don't always hear His response.
We hear our neighbor,
the man in the next pew,
the elderly woman in Sunday School.
We hear our subconscious.
We see scorn
and put downs.
And we withdraw.

Did God tell us to withdraw?
Did He say listen to them, they are my children, they know what is right?
Did He?

No, He didn't.
He said
Read My Word
Study My Word
Meditate on My Word
Listen to Me My Child
Follow Me
I AM able to do all things.
Trust Me.
Obey Me.
You are My Son, My Daughter.
I AM He who enables you to be all I desire you to be.

Who will we listen to going forward?

Are the messages we hear not taken to heart?
Do we think they are meant for another?
Is God not speaking to your heart?

God healed you.
Why do you continue to live
as though there is no hope, no future.

God forgave you.
Just because another has not forgiven you your trespasses,
just because grudges are held
and the open wound seems to stay forever open and fester,
does not mean God has turned His back on you.

God is faithful.

Our relationship first and foremost
needs to be with the Lord Jesus.
IF we stay true and faithful to Him,
our lives will be changed for the better
and no matter what another says or does,
it will not matter.

Jesus promised there would be suffering.
The thorns of life
would surround us on every side,
just like with Him,
but when we remain mindful of Him
and not listen to Satan,
remembering God is with us,
we can overcome.

Go ... tell what great things the Lord has done for you and how He has had compassion on you ... Go in peace ... be healed ... your faith has made you well ... Go and preach the Kingdom of God ... Go and do not look back forlorn ... do not lose heart. ("Go, and" study:

Don't miss the "Light of Jesus" for fear of the darkness

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6