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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The enemy lurks

The enemy of The Good
Who is The Good?
There is but one -- Jesus

We look for that which is good. We strive to be as that one. But our personalities clash and we often fail to see what He sees, or hear what He hears, or comprehend what He knows.

Our personalities -- one with another – clash.
The good we perceive in Jesus clashes with the Bad, the Evil, the Stupidity thrown at our feet and in our face.
Satan is at work.
Satan danced too upon The Good One, but for all his movement to and fro, he failed in his purpose.
Satan did not overcome God’s purpose for His Son, Jesus.

The enemy of The Good -- The enemy of Jesus still fights – he fights for the very soul of all who profess faith in The Good One. He fights for those who waver, for those still and yet unsure of where their allegiance lies. The enemy – Satan fights to prevent The Good of Jesus to permeate, to dwell within us. Satan lurks in the shadows of our mind and poses questions like “Are you sure? Did God really say that?”

Satan’s mission to overcome the faith, belief and trust of followers in Christ succeeds when we listen to his reasonings and believe and then act.

Satan’s mission to lead astray those who are uncertain succeeds when the desires, wants, choices and needs of me supercedes anything else.

Satan’s mission is to destroy, to point out our faults, to keep us locked in a world of regrets and fear and pity, sidelined with negative thoughts.

Satan’s mission does not have to be followed.

We have a choice. Yes, he preys on us. All of us have Satan attacking at any angle he can find an open edge.
He attacks daily. But Satan’s mission, Satan’s goal, Satan’s master plan does not have to be followed.

Satan failed in his mission, his purpose to overcome the Light of the World – The Good One – Jesus Christ. Satan thought he had won the victory – that with Christ’s death He was destroyed, but Satan was proved wrong.

And in his wrongness, we too can stop Satan dead in his tracks.

Christ’s purpose – bestowed upon Him by God the Father, in coming to earth to live among the living beings, whom He loved more than we can ever imagine – Christ’s purpose was to be the pure, selfless and without blemish sacrifice for all of mankind – that’s you and me. Jesus sacrificed His life for mine and for yours. And in doing so, when we have accepted this precious gift of grace, we are no longer condemned, no longer destined to be ruled by Satan and his warmongers.

Christ’s resurrection from the grace proved to The World He was truly King. Death did not keep Him in the grace. Death did not rule. Christ overcame death. He overcame Satan.

And we have been set free. We are new beings. We have been given a new life. We are not what we once were. We are alive! We have a new mission, a new purpose to fulfill – to be as Christ, to live and walk, to study His Word and meditate, to pray, to congregate with fellow believers, to seek guidance from the Lord, to be able to discern His words of wisdom, to be obedient to His call, to trust in His promises.

We are free.

Not free to continue to do bad, or evil or stupid things. Following that path is not freedom, but bondage. If we continue in following along the “me” syndrome highway, fail to follow the road set upon us by God, we remain condemned.  We are not saved from sin to a new life. We are destined to a life without hope, to one filled with destruction. Our end is final – we reign with the least – Satan keeps us on a short leash and we are forever doomed in the fires of hell.

The enemy of The Good does not stand a chance – not in the end times, not when Jesus returns. Yet Satan doesn’t rest, he staggers about, wickedly scheming ways to devour whoever he can, always looking for one to pull away from God’s righteousness and into an endless state of rebellion.

The enemy is always lurking. Make no mistake about it … it is not a sometimes thing. Seek the Lord while He is near. Pray always, never ceasing. Believe, Trust, Obey.

Stay true. Christ is The Good One. You are either with Him – Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, or you are against Him and a follower of The Evil One.

I pray you follow and are obedient to The Good One. Only He has your best interest at heart. Only He cares about you, Only He truly loves you for who you are.

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6